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"La persona giusta per il posto giusto". Uno slogan che aveva senso. Un tempo.


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EvoForm Consulting is a consultancy and training bureau created for the development of businesses and individuals to a more efficient and healthy condition.
EvoForm Consulting runs this objective by supporting with greate expertise both businesses and individuals in the creation of value, through a wide range of services: Training courses, Organization development and Individual wellness.
The philosophy that makes EvoForm Consulting special is based on the belief that Businesses and  Individuals should become everything that they can become, that is to say express all the potential they possess, that is awaiting to emerge.
EvoForm Consulting operates in four stages:
1.         analysis of the customer needs
2.         outline of the objectives and actions
3.         provision of activities
4.         assessment of the results

Among the tools used in the psychological field, the Enneagram® of Herskovits takes the key role. The EvoForm Consulting bureau, that operates through out the whole territory, is managed by Dr. Claudio Catalano, Psychologist.
Dr. Catalano has been involved for years in the development of human resources and runs a team of professionals and experts based on the specific requirements of the client.


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Giugno 2016
EvoForm Consulting organizza a Giugno 2016 corsi per PREPOSTI e DIRIGENTI,...

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1 Dicembre 2016
Valutazione Rischio Stress Lavoro-Cor...
EvoForm Consulting organizza a Saronno (VA) a il 1 Dicembre 2016 il corso ...

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Dicembre 2016

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